The Exhibition Realities of Reflection, Reflection of Realities

Organised by Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA) and ConceptSur in collaboration with ManifestaRte. The exhibition coincides with the celebration of the International Women’s Day. It explores issues of contemporary significance. From immigration to human rights issues. From landscapes and people to instants and situations documented. Photographs and prints from the participant artists who have lived and traveled in dynamic and intersected spaces. 

You can open or download the PDF document with the brief artistic and professional Bio/CV of the artists below. You can also buy exhibition prints by contacting us or where you will find a Standard Catalogue in PDF and HTML formats of artists' Artwork. 


Artist Carla Molina

Guatemalan, she has made various documentaries for international NGOs and bilateral aid agencies; CARE, Plan International, USAID, Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, International Red Cross, SOS Infant Villages S.O.S, OXFAM, GTZ, OPS, INCAP amongst others. As a cinematographer she has worked on projects for various countries such as Argentina, Spain, England, America, Italy and Cuba. She worked in the documentary film "The Island" by director Uli Seltzner where she did the lighting, camera and camera support. This documentary has won numerous awards and prizes worldwide as the Festival of Remembrance where she won the award for Best Documentary, Best Cinematography and Best Research; Mexico. She was also the director of photography and camera short film "Chapstick" which participated in the Short Film Festival. Her last job was a director of photography documentary "Choking" now in post-production. Carla has taught photography workshops in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico.

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Landscape format: 33cm width; 28 height.

Portrait format: 28cm width; 33cm height.

Fergie £120

Soplo (Blow) £100

Mi Mama me Enseno (My Mother Taught me) £80

Creencia (Belief) £80

Artist Carla Molina.pdf Artist Carla Molina.pdf
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Artist Manuel Giron

Guatemalan/Swiss, he is a psychologist, writer, musician, painter, visual artist and photographer, who is renowned in continental Europe. He is a conceptual poet of the city, its walls, its buildings and its streets. His photographs show Barcelona, Guatemala, London, and Paris among other cities and urban landscapes with a particular sensitivity and full of meaning. His visual language captures the look of environments, people, light, composition, colours, geometric distortions and kaleidoscopic images, which reflect the portrayed realities. Manuel's photos awake the imagination and attraction of the spectator for the urban spaces. which are determined by the harmony of the images, stimulating the sense of perception and the simultaneous constructive and abstract languages of the cities landscape beauty.

Manuel works as a freelance artist  in Switzerland, Spain, Paris and London and other parts of the world. His work is always inspired by harmony and beauty. He has participated in exhibitions at the United Nations Geneva 2008, 2009, 2012, photo Swiss, Zurich 2009, Biennals Internacionals de Fotografia REUS - Catalonia Spain 2002, 2003, Gallery, Nievergeit, Zurich 2006, Gallery Edcamos Edition, Munich 2011, amongst others.

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Landscape format: 48cm width; 32.9 height.

Portrait format: 32.9cm width; 48.3 height.

Barcelona 2 £300

London 2 £300

Paris 11 £300

Paris 12 £300

Paris 5 £300

Paris Photo-collage 6 £300

Artist Manuel Giron.pdf Artist Manuel Giron.pdf
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Artist Roberto Godoy

Guatemalan/Mexican/Canadian, Roberto has a MA in Urban and Regional Planning at the Professional College University of Mexico (El Colegio de Mexico), in Mexico City in 1981. In Canada as an artist, he had his solo exhibition at the library of Longueil, Quebec (1986). In Montreal, in the context of a sabbatical year began in autumn 2002, he worked only burning. He has since completed an internship with master Carlos Calado Workshop Graff,in all printmaking techniques. He became a regular member of the Atelier Circulaire since. He received his first prize in the Art of the City of Pierrefonds (2002).

Collection Loto-Quebec acquires a copy of his work, sent to the Competition of 2003, and the Library Bibliotheque Gabriel Roy in Quebec and the National Library of Quebec in Montreal. During 2004 and 2005 other solo exhibitions were held in the colonial city of Antiqua Guatemala, the gallery Panza Verde, Centro Cultural El Sitio, and the teahouse at the Zoo in Guatemala City.

He has participated in the following exhibitions in Montreal: Collective Exhibitions in the CulturalCentre of the City 2012; Collective Exhibitionin the Members' Saloon of the Circular Gallery 2013, and Nuffield Theatre Southampton UK in 2012, amongst others.

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'In Transit II' £350

'In Transit III' £350

'In Transit IV' £350

'In Transit V' £350

'In Transit I' £350

Artist Roberto Godoy.pdf Artist Roberto Godoy.pdf
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