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ConceptSur is a social enterprise committed to supporting communities in Latin America through the promotion of handicrafts from local artisans, artwork and other consumable products. The vision of ConceptSur is to  participate and collaborate in equitable and fair ways with local communities through their direct participation in the development of products and return investment in communities.

There is also a calendar section with artistic, technical and academic events that you might find useful. Many of the events are supported and sponsored by ConceptSur in partnership with international and national groups, collectives, foundations, organisations and institutions. We thank you for this invaluable partnership.

We will also have a online store with our products for you to see and buy through an electronic payment system. Thanks in advance for supporting our projects and buying our products.

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This website is under constant construction and its different sections will be filled in and complete accordingly to ConceptSur's yearly programme. Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences this may cause.